Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we get about SoVisual.co and its products. If you do not see your question answered below, feel free to reach out to our team.

Is SoVisual.co free?

Yes! You can begin creating social media images immediately—no signup required. So give it a try and see just how simple and fast it is to use our social media templates.

Is there a monthly subscription?

If you want access to all templates, all customizations, and automatic branding for images, then you’ll need our Pro Plan which starts at just $9 per month.

Can I use this on my client’s accounts?

Absolutely. Our unlimited use license means you can use these packs on any social media account you personally manage. That means your accounts and your client accounts with no cap on how many.

What sizes do your templates come in?

We’ve done extensive research to understand the optimal social media image sizes across the most popular platforms. We’ve found that Square, Portrait (4:5), and Story (9:16) are the most universal. Most of our templates are automatically generated in all 3 sizes. Some templates, however, may have additional sizes.

How often do you add more templates?

Our team is small, but working hard to create dozens of new templates per week. We are also working with artists and creators to become Contributors to our platform, creating their own templates for our users.

How do I become a Contributor?

Our Contributor program is not open to the public yet, but you’re welcome to let us know you’re interested by filling out our contact form.

Is your question not answered here?

Reach out to our team, and we’re happy to get those questions answered right away. You can use the Facebook Messenger chat box on this page or use our Contact Page.