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Founding Member Perks

Content creators like you are changing the world. We’re building tools to help you do it! We’ve opened up 100 “Founding Member” spots. Claim one and you’ll not only get full access to SoVisual.co, you’ll also receive the following lifetime perks.

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Founding Member


You’ll be forever immortalized on our Founding Members wall. Your photo, name, position, and website link will be displayed to show the world you get here first!

Founding Member

Custom Coin

We created a set of 100 collector coins. These collectors items are a symbol of VIP status and will give the holder exclusive privileges and access to special events.

Founding Member

Limited Series NFT

We’re minting a set of 100 NFT’s to pair with your Limited Edition Coin. Just like the Custom Coin, it will be your access key to lifelong perks. The difference is you can resell the NFT for profit.

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Founding Member

Lifetime Access

Your Founding Member payment grants you lifetime access. One payment covers you for life. Even if we add features, plans, and upgrades, you never have to pay more.

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Private Access


Connect with other Founding Members and creators. Build relationships, collaborations, and grow your network. We are better together.

sovisual.co nft

Founding Member


A one-time payment that gives you instant access to all these perks:

  • Lifetime Access to All Plans
  • Founding Member status
  • Limited Edition coin
  • Limited Series NFT
  • Bonus Product Access