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It was 2014 and I had just left my comfortable full-time job as a graphic designer. It had taken years of side-hustling, but I was finally ready to take the leap to working full-time from home as a freelancer.

I was managing client social media accounts and the occasional website design projects.

For the first six months I managed anywhere between 8-12 clients. These clients were in various industries such as:

  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Web Hosting

Not all of them were what a social media marketer might consider a “sexy” industry to create social content for.

And although I prided myself on my creative capacity, it wasn’t long before posting daily for all of these clients really started to take its toll.

Coming up with ideas started getting harder. The time it would take me to come up with something started to get longer.

And at the end of the day, my own social media accounts–you know, the ones that attracted my clients to begin with–started to look neglected.

I didn’t have enough creative juice in the tank to tend to my own content.

Thinking like a business owner, I knew I needed help. But I couldn’t afford to hire an assistant because I wasn’t making enough from my current clients.

Maybe if I just get a few more clients, I can afford to hire someone? Right?

Only problem was, I was at my capacity for how many clients I could handle.

And I didn’t even have enough time in the day to start trying to land more clients anyways.

It seemed like an endless cycle of not having enough time and resources to move forward.

I felt stuck.

Have you ever felt stuck in your business? Like if you just had a few more hours in the day you could get so much more done?

Or maybe if you could just find a way to increase your profit margins you could find a way to hire help?

Well, I know exactly what that feels like. And that’s why I had to come up with a solution.

Find creative margin

Your time and your energy are an extremely limited resource. We all have different limits when it comes to how long we can perform at our creative peak.

In 2019 I decided that I was going to create a way for hard-working social media marketers to take back their time, and save their creative energy (and sanity).

With my experience in various verticals, my design background, and my humble team of 3, I came up with the idea for Social Packs.

A Social Pack is a visually coordinated set of 30 social media posts crafted for a given month. Each post is created in 4 different image sizes and comes in a version with or without text. This gives maximum versatility to every single post.

The content of each post is crafted to grab attention, pique interest, and foster engagement. They are also made to be generic enough that they can be used my most businesses, regardless of the industry.

Along with the images we include a .csv file of all the text that can be easily imported to your favorite social media bulk scheduler.

And lastly, we create a .xlsx Content Calendar for that month which has the entire month of content planned out for you.

social media content calendar

What would have taken an experience social media marketer 20+ hours to do is already done for you. Ready-to-post now, or schedule in advance.

One step further

February social media posts templates

Since I know there are plenty of social media marketers out there who may want to customize and recycle these packs, I also decided we’d offer a .PSD version of all the posts.

This means if you have Adobe Photoshop, you can open up every single post and modify anything/everything about it.

  • Change out the fonts
  • Customize the text
  • Apply different colors
  • Swap out photos

And let me tell you–if there were any other services out there providing something like this–I would have jumped on it immediately.

Yes, I’m a professional designer and could design them myself.

Yes, I have access to Canva and could use their templates.

But the amount of time I’d be saving simply by not having to start with a blank slate would have been immeasurably valuable.

And so it begins

Our Social Packs are going to save a lot of busy, hard-working social media managers a lot of time and energy.

They will be able to accomplish more, in less, time, and be able to focus on scaling their business.

They will be able to transform their client’s social profiles into beautifully coordinated, consistent content streams that they can be proud of.

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