Where are we headed?

Our Product Roadmap

We have big plans for SoVisual.co and we wanted to let you in on what they are. Please keep in mind this is a loose estimate, and will likely change over time based on what our community tells us in important to them.


AI-powered content suggestions

AI-powered designs

Live design editor

Suggested content dashboard

Animated graphics

Video templates

Auto-generated social follow graphics

Photo background removal

Photo editor

Agorapulse integration

Buffer integration

Industry-specific dashboard customization

Up Next

Upload library


Editor upgrade

Saved designs

Favorites / personal collections

Custom fonts

Working on

Team plans

Agency plans

Unsplash integration

Multiple Brand presets

Design contributors


Upgraded UI

NFT Drop for Founding Members

1,000+ design templates

Template library

Template collections

Template search/filter

Editor 1.0

Color customization

Brand presets

Affiliate program

Paid plans

Got an idea you’d like to see added to our roadmap? Let us know about it!